Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

Time to pony up, pay the piper, deliver the goods. It's the dreadful Day of the IRS: Tax Day. It's when your fingers are shaking as you write that check, and your face gets real hot, and all your blood goes to where it's not meant to be. Then you just have to sit down for a minute, and try to think of something else. Maybe something chocolate!

It's long been a tradition with friends to eat only Poor Boy Sandwiches, or as many say, a dern Po' Boy on this "tax day." If you have chips or salad and a drink on the side, m a n, you are some kinda rich!!!

But take heart, my friend. Those of us who have nothing monetary to pay today, hooray! And those of us who do, we pay for the country that lives in our hearts and rests in our souls. From sea, to shining sea.

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