Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chocolate Hat + Pink Rose

... cozied over a blue-eyed angel's head! (Find at It's perfectly alright with us that this particular bit of chocolate is inedible.

Besides, we don't eat chocolate every day.

Friday, March 27, 2009


On Sunday my mom will have been in the hospital for one month.  So many complications, even more and even worse complications, and a heartsick Dad.  But we are 3 sisters with awesome kids that have held together tighter than Fort Knox, and from this comes strength surpassing what each would have separately.  Throw in our brother and cell phones, and we just might endure this.

Purse / bag contents: white chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms (both plain and peanut) and Twix.  Don't call this Chocolate of the Month.  It's Chocolate of the Day.

When It's Over

over.  Do you 
think everyone
in the restaurant 
would look the 
other way 
while we 
lick the 

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Baker

There is not one thing, not even one thing as great as having someone live in your home that loves to bake! Just take a gander, go ahead, just gawk and drool at that photo of today's Chocolate of the Month and tell me you don't wish it was right in front of you right now! Thought so, looks heavenly, right? Dark Chocolate!

Maybe the lucky one is the skinny person that does not have the baker in the house!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Chocolate

Spring chocolate is lots better than lots of things, things like Spring allergens, Spring bugs and the Spring warming warming warming ever more warming weather. Beautiful days are a joy, and with apologies to my dear friends and loved ones North of the South who are barely holding on with their fingernails waiting for warmth, Spring gets entirely too hot here!

By the time next month rolls around we will be in serious toasty mode, and I mean toast moving on up to broiled and crunchy ... um ... croutons! Yes, croutons, for heavens sake! I can sum it up with this: the air conditioner is on in my home. The air conditioner will not go off in my home until, maybe, October?

Yes, the very best thing about Spring in the South? It may very well be that chocolate shipment in our Chocolate of the Month Club.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just One

to the world you may be just one person

but to one person you may be the world

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cool & Crisp

Every day that I can wear my fav cashmere wrap is a very good day. Why? Because in my locale, cool, crisp days are few and far between. It's such a pleasure to enjoy these items that come out of the closet lots less than many people. Top this off with some loverly, yea very loverly cookies, brownies and Dark Chocolate (yes 83%!) that arrived at my red front door and you can crown this day as absolutely divine. And you just wash the rest away, snuggle the pooch, and be warm both inside and out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save the Planet!

Is your day dreary and does Spring seems so very far away? Then enjoy this warm little moment of cheer, "Save the planet, it may be the only one with chocolate!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dog Treats?

My Grandmother and her sister always called one another "Sis." They might have taken up the Sis thing because their names were Doris and Devern. Wouldn't you prefer Sis?

My lasting memory of my Great Aunt Devern is her sitting in an easy chair, rocking, talking, and reaching over to a table for a snack. We all watched her pick up a box of dog treats, pour several into her hand, and slowly munch them one by one. As kids we were mesmerized and after she left we almost died from laughter.

Maybe my Sis needs dog munchies instead of Chocolate of the Month Club treats for her birthday?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Chocolate of the Month Club Birthday

Put a star on the calendar, your San Antonio Spurs have won, some team called the Celtics lost, and I've found the perfect birthday gift for my quite choosy sister, aka "Sis." Early on I decided this "Chocolate of the Month Club" thing is just the bomb. (And just how much better is the Chocolate of, rather than the Fruit of, or the Seed of, or the Vitamin of the Month, I ask you?) The only thing Sis would love more would be Booze of the Month, but we're definitely not traveling that road!

Anyway, I've come across a divine spot just brimming with everything loverly and brown called They refer to their Chocolate of the Month Clubs as Chocolate Subscriptions. Don't you love it? Your favorite magazines arrive each month, so does your chocolate. Just a sweet little friend waiting for you at your door, once a month, every month. All packed and in a pretty box, probably even a real ribbon. Hummm. What were we saying? Oh yes, Chocolate of the Month Club, and I come off looking good all year long.

P.S. Free shipping!