Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today is my sister's birthday, and man-o-man, are we sisses ever in the mood to celebrate! Mom is out of the hospital,
f i n a l l y, after just SIX WEEKS, six thousand complications, and sixteen breakdowns - that's roughly 5.3 per sis. Yesterday morning she settled in to the "Long Term Care Facility," don't call it a Nursing Home! Then yesterday evening she took off walking for home. "One day at a time" is the greatest saying of all time.

So this evening, we will be so thankful for our beautiful Sis born on April 8th, 1938 (hahaha - good one!). We will celebrate the life and breath God gives to each of us, and that we have one another to share it with, in health and goodness. Today. One day at a time. Happy Birthday Sis. I love you!

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