Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Chocolate

Spring chocolate is lots better than lots of things, things like Spring allergens, Spring bugs and the Spring warming warming warming ever more warming weather. Beautiful days are a joy, and with apologies to my dear friends and loved ones North of the South who are barely holding on with their fingernails waiting for warmth, Spring gets entirely too hot here!

By the time next month rolls around we will be in serious toasty mode, and I mean toast moving on up to broiled and crunchy ... um ... croutons! Yes, croutons, for heavens sake! I can sum it up with this: the air conditioner is on in my home. The air conditioner will not go off in my home until, maybe, October?

Yes, the very best thing about Spring in the South? It may very well be that chocolate shipment in our Chocolate of the Month Club.

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