Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Chocolate of the Month Club Birthday

Put a star on the calendar, your San Antonio Spurs have won, some team called the Celtics lost, and I've found the perfect birthday gift for my quite choosy sister, aka "Sis." Early on I decided this "Chocolate of the Month Club" thing is just the bomb. (And just how much better is the Chocolate of, rather than the Fruit of, or the Seed of, or the Vitamin of the Month, I ask you?) The only thing Sis would love more would be Booze of the Month, but we're definitely not traveling that road!

Anyway, I've come across a divine spot just brimming with everything loverly and brown called They refer to their Chocolate of the Month Clubs as Chocolate Subscriptions. Don't you love it? Your favorite magazines arrive each month, so does your chocolate. Just a sweet little friend waiting for you at your door, once a month, every month. All packed and in a pretty box, probably even a real ribbon. Hummm. What were we saying? Oh yes, Chocolate of the Month Club, and I come off looking good all year long.

P.S. Free shipping!

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