Monday, March 23, 2009

The Baker

There is not one thing, not even one thing as great as having someone live in your home that loves to bake! Just take a gander, go ahead, just gawk and drool at that photo of today's Chocolate of the Month and tell me you don't wish it was right in front of you right now! Thought so, looks heavenly, right? Dark Chocolate!

Maybe the lucky one is the skinny person that does not have the baker in the house!


  1. IT MAKES ME DROOL FOR CHOCOLATE! I THINK I'LL ORDER SOME...Why oh why must you tempt me?

    Cool blog!

  2. I'm hooked on Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. My wife rarely bakes; however, I can always buy chocolate. There are a couple of good chocolate sites, but I really like because their products are ALWAYS fresh and delivered on the date I request. Try the truffles!!! YUM.